Hi. My name is Skylar Ulry. I am a current junior at Messiah College in Pennsylvania. I have a major in Digital Media, a concentration in art & design, and a minor in Marketing. As part of the curriculum for my Digital Marketing class, we are each designing a blog and making weekly blog posts.

The process.

This is the inspiration behind my blog. I think this is the first step behind any great design. We live in a world with design around every turn. As a young artist, I am like a sponge. From learning the preciseness of color to the simplicity of excellent typography, we are continually learning what goes into great designing. But we are being influenced by more than our education. Our society around us is, too. I believe our personal exploration is just as important as formal education. Through this blog, I hope to share some of my personal exploration and the great design I found along the way. Happy designing!