In a market bombarded with products, creating an eye-catching package becomes more important than ever. What is so unique about packaging is an excellent package design has the ability to make the mundane products seem extraordinary. While there are many excellent packaging examples in the market today, one case study stood out in particular.


Buying lights bulbs are one of those tasks that are necessary, but something everyone dreads having to do. However, Belarus electrical company CS is determined to make buying light bulbs an experience. Designer and art director Angelina Pischikova turned boring, industrial looking light bulb boxes into a piece of art. CS started with the idea of pairing types of light bulbs with insects based on their size and shape. For example, a long, thin bulb closely resembles the shape of a dragonfly. A package is more than something a product is sold in. It has the capability of transforming a product. In an interview with Pischikova, she explains the influence behind the idea. “Inventor Thomas Edison’s words that a firefly is an ideal cold light source prompted the idea of comparing the various forms of light bulbs with various insects. So a client will see it not just as an ordinary luminaire, but as an independent form.”

In packaging, you must, literally, think outside the box. The purpose of packaging has been pushed past informational, but must evoke a new feeling surrounding a product. In the case study above, this was done with the illustrations and incorporation of insects.


Another innovative way of creating an excellent package design is pushing past the traditional square box. One company who has successfully done this is Festina. How many times has a watch brand advertised it’s waterproof abilities? But who wants to prove its abilities with their new watch. This innovative, ” transparent packaging is filled with distilled water and the Festina Profundo watch is suspended inside.” If this watch was displayed in a traditional watch box and placed among other watches, it would easily be lost. Besides the wow factor, the display of the watch tells the buyer everything they need to know about the watch without the lengthy paragraph that is often dismissed.




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