The importance of business cards surpasses the design world. An excellently designed business card is an important asset in any profession. With the abundance of business cards circulating, it becomes even more important to have a uniquely designed card. Caitlin Jordan, from the blog Canva, stated, “Business cards can be a reflection of who you are. Not only can you make an excellent first impression all on your own, but a unique business card can help seal the deal and give someone something to remember you by.” How do you want to be remembered? And how are you going to create this impression through your business card? A perfect way to find ideas for your business card is to look at people who have successfully created business cards that are worthy of remembering.

Here are a favorite of my favorite case studies:


So many people rely on bright colors to attract attention, but what if color isn’t your style? It is important to create a business card that reflects your style while being equally creative. Imprinting is a perfect example of a way to add dimension and contrast to your business card, while maintaining a simple design. Impressions paired with excellent typography are a great option for your next business card!


Picture in your head a traditional business card. Let me take a guess, it is type printed on white paper? This business card is an excellent example of the impact the paper choice can have on a business card. This card is made out of natural recycled paper. The paper itself could lead to someone taking a second glance. Beyond the paper, the bright green text also provides a playful mood. However, pairing the two design choices creates a sophisticated, yet fun business card. Explore your paper options when designing your next business card!


My final example pushes the boundaries of traditional business cards even further. The traditional size of a business card is 3.5 X 2 inches. But who says your business card has to be rectangular? This example shows the impact of a square business card and the impression it creates simply based on it’s dimensions. Beyond the dimensions, this is a beautifully designed business card. The delicate illustration paired with the simplistic typography creates a very elegant business card.

While compared to some media, business cards are somewhat limited in their design options. But this is no excuse to have a traditional, boring business card. Create a business card that leaves an unforgettable impression.

Thanks for reading and happy designing!

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