In our evolving society, it has become ever important to keep up to date on current trends, specifically in your respectable department. Marketing has evolved drastically in the last decade with the boom of social media. One new player in the game of marketing is blogging. While I knew blogging had a presence in marketing, I did not understand the vastness of the blogging community and the direct impact it has on marketing. I am thankful for the opportunity to have created a blog because I got to see blogging and it’s various influences from a personal experience.

The key to a successful blog is choosing a topic that you are inspirational about. Maintaining a blog has the potential to be time consuming. If you do not have passion about what you are writing about, it will become evident in your writing. When I was first introduced to the blogging assignment this semester, I knew immediately that I wanted to relate my blog topic to graphic design, connecting my two majors. As members of the design community, I believe we have a responsibility to share our work, our ideas, and our inspiration with one another. There exists an element of collaboration in the design community and blogging is one avenue within this collaboration. So often we see pieces of work, but never hear the story behind it or what inspired it’s creation. Blogging is one way for artists, of all kind, to share their work and share their design process.

So often when working on projects, ideas flow in and out, some impact your design and some don’t. However, what I appreciated most about writing blogs was the opportunity to share some of these ideas that are so often unshared. My hope is that someone was inspired by one of my posts and would pass that inspiration on to the next designer. Finally, I found this experience especially unique because I was able to connect both marketing and graphic design and see their close relationship, rather than studying each major independently.

Again, I am thankful for the opportunity to take Digital Marketing and the lessons I have learned through our blog assignment.




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